This week in TuTiTu’s parenting blog we’ve got a special crafts treat for you! To celebrate the new school year and the many tasks to remember that each week brings with it, we’re going to make a special weekly calendar that will help you and your kids organize your week. It’s a fun craft for kids to make and parents to enjoy.

This is a fun and colorful hand-shaped calendar that’s even magnetic! When you’re done you can hang on the fridge. Every finger represents another day of the school week and you can stick little notes in each one to remind the children about after-school activities, events, tests and so on.

Plus it’s fun to make, and isn’t that the most important thing of all?
Ready? Let’s go!



For this project you’ll need:
Stick-on magnet strip
Pens, glitter glue and any other decoration materials you like


Each kid draws their hand on the cardboard.


In the center of the palm, they write down their name and decorate as they wish; in each finger they write one day of the school week, Monday to Friday.


Carefully cut the hand out and stick small straps of magnets to each finger AND to the bottom of the palm.


Now all you have to do is stick all the kids’ hands on the fridge and fill them up each week with exciting events and reminders!


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