Mother’s Day is coming up, and what a great opportunity to have some fun DIY time with the kids, making something special for mom! We’ve come up with a really cool crafts idea that’s both fun to make and makes for a lovely gift mom will cherish for many years – a home-made jewelry set!

With just a few colorful arts & crafts materials you can make an adorable set of necklace and ring. It’s a really simple craft activity that’s not even very messy, and you can spend the whole afternoon in creativity. Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s what you’ll be needing:


• Pipe cleaners
• Pom-poms
• Colorful cardboard
• Googley eyes
• Sparkling glue
• Superglue and regular glue
• Scissors


And now, let’s get started!


The necklace is the defining centerpiece of the whole set. We need to make a pendant – how about an adorable teddy bear?

1. Cut three circles from the cardboard: one will make the head, one will be the body and the third, a small circle, will be used to hang the pendent.

2. Attach all circles together


3. Glue on the googley eyes on the head, the pom-poms as hands and feet, and use the sparkling glue to decorate the body


Now we also need to make the necklace itself – use two pipe cleaners in different colors and loop them together. Now cut a small hole in the top circle and insert the necklace through it. You can leave it open for now and simple twist it to close the necklace around the neck.



To make it into a set, all you have to do is get creative in making a ring! This one is easier – simply twist together pipe cleaners just like you did for the necklace but much shorter, and glue on a pom-pom so make it really pop out (and correspond with the necklace, obviously…)


Voila – how charming!


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